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13 November 2017

Nouchka has joined Dana's Tribe

New Laïka (aka Nouchka) from Comme Chiens et Loups has joined La Tribu de Dana. We really wanted a red fawn female .... [...]
9 November 2017

Dana Tribe - Herd Management Training

Anne and Laurent from La Tribu de Dana, are starting a new training course: herd management. A half-day of initiation at David and Cathy Blanc's will have [... ]
1 November 2017

CSAU and Brevet for our A.S

Madiba and Moon, former German shepherds of the Dana Tribe, graduated. During the obedience competition organised by the Montrond club, our dogs have [... ]
23 September 2017
Dogs and handlers of the Ecole du Chiot - Tribu de Dana - canine educator-

Dana's Tribe : Puppy School

The September sessions of the Puppy School have started at Dana's Tribe. This is an opportunity for new members to discover the group, with the [...]
10 September 2017
new page La Tribu de Dana on Facebook - German shepherd breeding

Dana's Tribe: A new Facebook page

Dana's Tribe presents its new Facebook page. To keep in touch and share its news, Dana's Tribe invites you to visit its Facebookpage.
29 June 2017
cani-mountain bike trip along the canal altdeutscher schäferhund australian shepherds

Cani-VTT / Cani-Trottinette outing

With spring just around the corner, it's time for our dogs and their owners to get back into shape.

Moon gave birth to 7 puppies on August 24

You can follow them on our FB page
They will be available from October 20
Reservations are still possible