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April 29, 2023

Taïko, a new stallion of our Tribe

Silver charcoal male born on our farm. Son of O'Pearl Comme Chiens et Loups and Darwin von der Wolfslounge, Taïko is a new stallion for [...]
April 16, 2023

First is confirmed!

Confirmation today for FIRST at the Lyon dog show
April 16, 2023

C.S.A.U. successful

Successful C.S.A.U. for the 4 pairs of the Tribe's school this Saturday 15/11/2023 in Montrond les Bains Oslo / Marie-Clotilde - Texas / Anne - [...]
March 23, 2023

Rose and I'am Wedding

The wedding between Rose and I'am has been celebrated. If Mother Nature wishes it, birth of the babies between May 18 and 22
March 11, 2023

Page's puppies are here !

Page has just given birth to 10 puppies (5 males and 5 females) All the colors are there. You can follow their evolution on our page [...]
March 6, 2023

Pearl's puppies have arrived !

Pearl gave birth to 10 puppies (6 males and 4 females) You can follow their evolution on our FB page. They will be available from [... ]

Moon gave birth to 7 puppies on August 24

You can follow them on our FB page
They will be available from October 20
Reservations are still possible