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27 September 2018

O'Pearl has joined the Dana Tribe

Our new little A.S., O'Pearl Like dogs and wolves, daughter of Pearl and Boss has just joined the Tribe's pack !
1 September 2018

Habby and I'Max : the babies have arrived !

Habby gave birth to 6 adorable little males. There are still puppies available Follow the evolution of this litter on our FB page
26 June 2018

Moon and Madiba on the podium of the A.S. Regional Breeding Show in St Germain Laval - 2018

Régionale d'élevage des A.S. de St Germain Laval 1st place for Moon in intermediate female class 3rd place for Madiba (Mica) in open male class [...]
15 June 2018

Spots d'Or 2018 _ A good vintage .

Thank you to our team of students in their first year at the IUT of Roanne - Marketing Techniques department for choosing La Tribu de Dana for their project.
5 March 2018

Madiba - Best Male / Best of Breed

Régionale d'Elevage des Bergers Allemands ancien type à Saze (30) - 03 & 04 March 2018 Madiba judged : 1st Excellent in open class male Best of the best in [...].
28 November 2017

Dana's Tribe Australian Day

On Sunday 26 November 2017, the Tribe's Australian Day took place. Under mild but cool skies, 4 generations of Australian shepherds met to discuss the [...]

Moon gave birth to 7 puppies on August 24

You can follow them on our FB page
They will be available from October 20
Reservations are still possible